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Our Physical Foundation

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Basement 1 Lift Lobby

From 2264 to 1 Tao Ching Road


1 Tao Ching Road - an address synonymous with home.


To many, we have only known Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church (Calvary) at this location or in this building. It is where we spent most of our Christian walk worshipping and serving the LORD. However, this was not the location where we first opened our doors. Calvary first started as a small home fellowship. Where, you ask, and how did the Lord lead us to this plot of land? Read on to find out more.

Our People

Blest be the Ties that Bind


The need for physical expansion stands witness to God’s providence in increasing His fold daily. As Calvary’s congregation continued to grow, we enlarged our tents and started two other worship services – the Mandarin Worship Service and Hokkien Worship Service. Today, Calvary stands at close to 500 worshippers strong, across three congregations. How has Calvary’s congregation grown from year to year?


Through these pictures, let us marvel at God’s wonderful work of sustaining His church and preserving His people.


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Fellowship Hall



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L2 Fellowship Hall

Our Local Outreaches

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

As the congregation grew in numbers, we yearned for sweeter fellowship with God and His people. To help our members grow in the knowledge of Christ, Calvary introduced the children’s Sunday School, Bible study groups and various fellowship groups. To make His Name known, members spearheaded prayer groups, visitation ministries and local outreaches. Each of these ministries was created to reach people from varying demographics.


Past, present and future. Find out how God has blessed each ministry and how He continues to uphold them to this very day.

Our Keepsakes

Sweeter as the Years Go By

Remember the times when we flipped through the church members’ directory and smiled at the photos?


Join us as we take a trip down memory lane. In this section of the gallery, we feature keepsakes and publications from when the church first started till now – from our first church bulletin to our very own Church Choir recordings.


Come see and hear.


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Church Library



Our Mission Outreaches

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Open Terrace

We Plough the Fields and Scatter

After establishing the church in Taman Jurong, Calvary heeded God’s call to spread the gospel beyond our shores. Our first mission station started in Kelapa Sawit with Reverend and Mrs Chan. Each step of the way, as the church prayed, the Lord continued to open new doors and provide willing hearts to serve in these mission stations.


Where are our mission stations, and who are the missionaries that we have been praying for? Take a little adventure around the countries with us. Who knows? God might be calling you to a special ministry too.

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