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Looking from the outside, one might say Calvary’s building looks a little intimidating. Stepping into Church, one might see busy people seemingly always rushing from one task to another.

This collection of stories & testimonies invite you to look closer.


Turn the page – Calvary’s story began long before the building we worship in today was even around. The fruit of Calvary today grew from a vision from the Lord and seeds sown by Calvary’s pioneers. Listen in – how the Lord gave them a vision of Calvary. 


In the hustle and bustle of the church, there is tender care and loving service, often taking place behind the scenes where the Lord sees and rewards. If you look very carefully, you might glimpse quiet movements in the backstage of labourers hard at work.


And like in most good stories there was, of course, heartache. Can you see a crying child sitting all alone?

Still, with every fall and every good cry, there comes resolve to rebuild from the ground-up.


Calvary 50 is also a bated breath of anticipation for the next season. What will be God’s vision for Calvary’s new generation – possibly something beyond our imagination? Who will answer His call and stand in the holy place of the Lord? May there be a next generation that echoes the answer, “Here am I, send me.”

Click the link attached to view the 50th Anniversary Magazine

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